The ACT requires speed and focus. The ACT is more straightforward than the SAT and presents content in a format familiar to most students. The quantity of questions and tight time frame makes time management the key to success.

Key ACT Facts

  • 3 hours, 35 minutes
  • Divided into 4 sections
  • Tests English, Math, Reading, and Science skills
  • Writing (the Essay) is optional, but recommended


Here are a few important differences between the ACT and SAT:

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ACT Tutoring: Faster and More Focused

Our Approach to ACT Test Prep

Diagnostic Test – The student completes a full-length diagnostic test.

Tutor Selection – Educational Connections’ test prep tutoring specialist hand-selects a tutor who will best suit the student’s academic needs and personality.

Assessment – Educational Connections and your tutor determine the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for greatest improvement using a computerized analysis of the diagnostic test results.

Program Creation – A custom-designed program with goals is created to enable the tutor to target the areas in greatest need of improvement.

Session Structure – Instruction and homework target three key areas: content review, test taking strategies, and simulated test practice.

Streamlined Feedback – Parents receive progress reports after each tutoring session, and have access to our online portal, which provides practice test scores and feedback, homework assignments, and scheduling information.

Superior ACT Test Prep in Northern Virginia and DC

Male Teenage Student Studying In Classroom With Teacher

Through highly individualized virtual tutoring using research-based strategies for building test-taking skills, Educational Connections offers a superior test prep experience. The caliber of our tutors and the proven approach they use help students prepare, not just better but, faster.

Instead of a generic, one-size-fits-all program, Educational Connections’ tutors quickly assess strengths and weaknesses. Since no time is wasted on what students already know, each session targets areas where improvements will have the greatest impact on test scores. Plus, our tutors know how to use test prep strategies that play to the strengths of each student’s learning style for higher engagement in the process and better results.

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Upcoming Mock Test Dates

Mock tests help students gain familiarity with the types of questions asked and pacing required, so they can build their testing confidence and endurance. Prepare your student for the national exams by registering for one of our upcoming mock tests.

In the case of virtual mock exams, students can take the mock ACT or SAT at home, under timed conditions, and with a proctor present (via Zoom). Click below to register for an upcoming mock test date.

Saturday July 11th, 9am-12:30pmSAT Practice TestVirtualSign Up
Saturday July 25th, 9am-12:30pmACT Practice TestVirtualSign Up
Saturday August 1st, 9am-12:30pmSAT Practice TestVirtualSign Up
Saturday August 8th, 9am-12:30pmACT Practice TestVirtualSign Up
Saturday August 15th, 9am-12:30pmSAT Practice TestVirtualSign Up
Saturday August 22nd, 9am-12:30pmACT Practice TestVirtualSign Up

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