We've Got Summer Learning Covered!

Worried about gaps in your child’s learning due to the “COVID-19/summer slide”? Anxious about summer camp cancellations and social distancing? We make it easy to keep your child entertained, academically engaged, and on track for next year. Sign up today for custom private tutoring sessions or fun group classes with one of our expert instructors.

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Academic Tutoring

​Our tutors conduct custom online 1:1 sessions to identify gaps and help students improve specific skills so they can begin a new grade with confidence.

​Summer Classes​

​​Our credentialed tutors lead small virtual classes on a variety of engaging topics. These cost effective classes are an easy way to keep kids academically engaged this summer.

Test Preparation

​​Our expert test prep tutors individualize private, online sessions to help students prepare for high-stakes standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, and SSAT.

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