Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Educational Connections offer?

We offer a full range of personalized educational support for your child including:

  • Subject Based Tutoring
  • Executive Function Coaching
  • Home School Support
  • Standardized Test Prep (SAT, ACT, SSAT)
  • Independent School Consulting
  • College Application Assistance

How are your tutoring services different from what other companies offer?

All of our tutoring is one-to-one. We work in tandem with you and our tutors to create an educational plan that can be broad or specialized to give your child the specialized support that he or she needs to excel. We match our tutors and students based on skill set, personality, and availability. Our tutors attend additional professional development trainings held at our office.

Who are your tutors?

The majority of our tutors are teachers within the local school systems, carefully screened to ensure that they satisfy the high standards we require to fulfill our vision of quality and individualized attention. We also have tutors who are qualified as subject area specialists or have other background in special learning needs. After a personal interview, we contact references and conduct a background check. Our tutors have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and 75% have a Master’s degree.

How do you find the right tutor for my child?

As part of our initial contact with you, we assess the educational needs and goals for your child and other personal factors. This information facilitates our ability to find the best tutor for your child. Our highly qualified and caring professionals on staff ensure that your child receives quality tutorial support. We guarantee the best tutor match for your child. If it’s not, we promise to make it right.

Do your tutors have experience working with learning disabilities and/or ADHD?

A great percentage of our tutors are very qualified for and experienced in working with various learning needs including AD/HD. Additionally, they are given training in proven support tools and techniques for students with learning differences. By applying their special training and expertise to the tutoring sessions, our tutors enable your child to fully reach his/her potential.

What does tutoring cost?

Our pricing page includes our tutoring rates and test prep packages.

How often should I have tutoring?

For efficacy and consistency, most students meet with their tutors once to twice a week for 60 (K-8th) or 90 (9th and above) minute sessions; however the frequency is up to you. Some older students request longer sessions. It is our policy that each student commit to four hours of tutoring per month.

Do your tutors keep in touch with teachers?

Yes. Tutors must receive your approval and written consent prior to any teacher contact. We find that it is useful for tutors, parents, and teachers to collaborate by sharing information and working toward common goals.

What if it is not a good “fit” with the tutor?

While we take great care to ensure this does not happen, we will respond quickly to any concern you or your child may have. We will speak to the tutor regarding your feedback, and, if necessary, secure another tutor as soon as possible.

How soon can we get started?

Immediately! Request a Tutor Now online, call us at (703) 934-8282 or email