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Educational Connections
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by Anonymous on Educational Connections
Thank You

"Thank you for matching John up with Elisabeth. She’s been wonderful with him, very patient and encouraging. "

by Anonymous on Educational Connections
What a positive infulence!

“Casey was awesome and a complete life saver! We just found his help and demeanor had such a positive influence on Brad - so much so Brad was open to it this summer. That’s a big deal for him.”

by Anonymous on Educational Connections


“Allison is wonderful and Laurie is enjoying her sessions and has already seen benefit.”


by Lori on Educational Connections

“Ramtin was a great tutor for Annie.  He was easy to understand and covered the material that she needed.  She did well on her tests and passed the SOL.  Thank you!”

by Belle on Educational Connections
So Happy!


I just wanted to update you that Dianne did retake the SAT in May and we were thrilled with the results! She scored a 1520 overall with a 730 on Reading/Writing and a 790 on Math!

If you remember, she had trouble with the SAT when she took it in March because the extended time schedule was slightly different that what she had been practicing leading up to the exam. Fortunately, this time, she was fully prepared for the new schedule and she did great.

I give Dianne a lot of credit for working very hard to prepare for the SAT, but, we also give Andy a lot of credit for giving her such great guidance and coaching during her SAT prep.

As always, we appreciate all the support from your EC tutors - we feel very lucky to have access to such a great tutoring company!! Thanks to you all for the support!




by Lorraine on Educational Connections
Thank you!!

"Greg did well on the SAT. He scored a 1520, a 200 point improvement, after 8 sessions with Brian.  We are happy with the results we received. Thank you!"


by Barbara on Educational Connections
Great Match

“Hi Nicole - all is good! Vishi is a great match and has already been super helpful to Danisha! Thanks for checking in!"


by Kristen on Educational Connections
Doing Great!

"Everything is going great. Ingrid and Katie have hit it off and seem to be doing really well in their sessions.
Katie is responsive to my feedback and happily incorporates lessons from school into her work with Ingrid. Can't wait to see the progress Ingrid makes over the summer!

Thank you for checking in."


by Chelsea on Educational Connections

"Farhan has been fantastic! Lisa is doing much better in Chemistry and now he is helping her with Algebra 2.




by Kelly on Educational Connections

"Thank you! Diana and Cliff had a 1-hour session last night.

She (Diana) is absolutely AMAZING.  I was listening to her teach from the kitchen and was blown away at HOW she took prior knowledge to engage Cliff in the areas he had gaps in the curriculum.  It was brilliant.

Thank you for all you do to equip and support struggling students!!!!"

by Patty on Educational Connections
The first session was great!

Just wanted to let you know that James had his first session with Drew tonight and it was great. Drew was spectacular! Here's hoping Friday's test goes well!  Thank you!!

by Kennedy on Educational Connections
Couldn't be happier with the results!

"Henrietta got a combined score of 34.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Her tutor really took the time to not only prep her with the actual ACT and its nuances, but provided positive test taking strategies as well as an extra dose of confidence!  We really appreciate all of our tutors hard work!  And your work in obtaining and training such wonderful tutors and people!"

by Sally on Educational Connections
Going Well!

“Ivey has worked with Patrick several weeks now, and it is going well. We have found Patrick to be thoughtful, earnest, engaging, and patient. Ivey says the sessions are helpful, and our family is experiencing less stress and conflict around homework since Patrick and Ivey began working together. Thank you for your help, and for checking in with me.”

by Betty on Educational Connections
Off to a good start!

“I think we are off to a good start. I like Leah's calm and stable manner. She has very quickly picked up on Alexander’s strengths and challenges. I trust that the relationship between student and tutor is unfolding as it should.”

by Carol on Educational Connections
Making content relatable

Things are going very well, thank you. Jaimee is really helping to make concepts less abstract for Kesha and working with her specifically on how to apply them in her work.


by Tilly on Educational Connections
Building confidence

Yes everything is going great.  Carmen is a very good tutor.  She is focused without being overbearing, and she explains concepts very well.  Megan is showing increased confidence in her ability to do math.

by Julie on Educational Connections
Thank you for creating the right fit!

Margaret is warm and patient with Susie. Susie really likes her and we are very appreciative of you making the switch!

by Dorthy on Educational Connections

Lisa and Brianna bonded quickly and the sessions are going very well. Brianna is a pro! We really appreciate having her in our lives. Thank you! - Dorothy

by Karla on Educational Connections

We had our first session today. Camille is fantastic and Susie agrees.  I think they are going to be a great match.  She had Susie squared away on inequalities in no time.  Susie was smiling while she did her math homework tonight.

Thank you!


by John on Educational Connections
So happy!

I wanted to call your attention to the notes below and the work that Joanne has been doing with Ellen. This last session, in particular, is exactly the type of help Ellen needs, so reading these notes made me very happy. Thank you so much! And the work is paying off: Ellen brought home an exceptionally good report card yesterday - all of her grades went up and she had the most '4's I've seen on her report card yet! We were so excited and she was beaming. 🙂

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