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[row][two_third_column] Educational Connections founder Ann DolinOver the last 20 years in education, I’ve found that many families deal with the daily stress of homework. Arguments between parents and their children rarely conclude with a winner and the parent/child relationship almost always suffers. As an expert in education, I can help you to eliminate the stress related to academics that causes turmoil in your family.

Some common questions include:

How do I get my child to study efficiently for finals?

My son procrastinates terribly. Should I intervene? If so, how?

Please let me know how I can help your family.

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Tips, Tools, and Solutions to Help Your Disorganized Student

Practical Tips for Improving Organization

“As an educator and parent, I’ve seen first-hand how much a lack of organizational skills can impact academic performance. In this e-book, I share with you actionable steps you can implement today to help your disorganized student.”Get my free e-book!

-Ann Dolin, M.Ed.

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