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Jan 18

Why Your Child Doesn’t Organize or Plan Ahead (And What You Can Do About It)

By Ann Dolin | ADHD , Executive Function Coaching , Motivation , Organization , Study Skills

Time management. Organization. Studying. Planning ahead. Do these ideas give your child a sense of excitement? Or fear of the unknown? If your child seems uninterested or even afraid of these ideas, it may be more than just a feeling of being overwhelmed and a dislike for school. They may have executive functioning deficits.   […]

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Aug 03

HELP: My Child is a Victim of a Disorganized Digital Desktop!

By Christine Rosenfeld | ADHD , Executive Function Coaching , Organization

Does your child’s computer desktop have random folders and loose documents scattered over the screen?  Ever encounter a situation in which your son or daughter is trying to complete homework but cannot find it on his or her chic (and expensive…) iPad or laptop? Although tablets and laptops can ease the flow of hardcopy papers, […]

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Oct 02

A New, Better Way to Diagnose ADHD?

By Ann Dolin | ADHD , Tutoring

Like many people, I get lots of emails, especially newsletters from different organizations. But there’s one newsletter I read religiously because I always find the cutting-edge information reported to be fascinating. It’s called the Attention Research Update and it’s written by David Rabiner, Ph.D., a research professor at Duke University. I was especially interested in […]

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