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Nov 15

Why Is Math So Hard? School Subjects Where Falling Behind Spells Real Trouble

By Ann Dolin | Executive Function Coaching , Homework , Math , Motivation , Tutoring

The question “why is math so hard?” is one we come across so often with the parents and students we work with, it’s become almost a given. We hear things like: “My son just doesn’t seem to ‘take’ to math. He’s just like his mom.” “Why is it that even when my daughter really ‘buckles […]

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Oct 26

Asking Powerful Questions: How To Help Your Kids Become Independent And Productive

By Ann Dolin | Homework , Motivation , Organization

Because you’re here, reading this post, we already know you’re committed to helping your child improve their attitude towards school, habits surrounding homework and studying, and academic performance. Chances are you’ve also picked up some ideas along the way on how you might help them to get organized, overcome procrastination, or study smarter. But herein […]

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