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Nov 15

Why Is Math So Hard? School Subjects Where Falling Behind Spells Real Trouble

By Ann Dolin | Executive Function Coaching , Homework , Math , Motivation , Tutoring

The question “why is math so hard?” is one we come across so often with the parents and students we work with, it’s become almost a given. We hear things like: “My son just doesn’t seem to ‘take’ to math. He’s just like his mom.” “Why is it that even when my daughter really ‘buckles […]

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Mar 06

“A” Grades Are The New “B” Grades: Grade Inflation & Why GPAs Are Higher Than Ever Before

By Ann Dolin | Homework , School Year , Tutoring

When your kid gets a “A” in class, it’s not that special anymore. In fact it’s A LOT more common than it used to be.  And that’s not because they are better students–it’s because the teachers are less discerning. WTOP’s Shawn and Hillary spoke with Ann Dolin, President of Educational Connections Tutoring, about the problem […]

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