How to keep kids motivated 😩

By Ann Dolin | Motivation

Apr 06

Are your kids struggling to stay motivated and focused? Or are they simply driving you up a wall?

There’s a good reason for that—we’re in the middle of what I call “the winter slump.” Winter Break already feels like a distant memory, but Spring Break still feels impossibly far away. For kids, parents, and teachers alike, these weeks can drag on and on. 

Last week, I sat down with our head tutor, Jan Rowe, to learn her best tips for keeping students motivated in these colder months. Watch the video below to hear her ideas, or scroll on down for my recap!

#1: Be positive and focus on your child’s accomplishments.

If the mountain of work in front of your child feels too overwhelming, encourage them to look back instead. When they can celebrate how far they’ve come, it can make it easier to tackle the next assignment in front of them.

Jan shared about a recent student who struggled to get started with a research paper. To kick start her writing process, Jan encouraged the student to focus on what came easily to her the last time she’d written a paper. Then, she started with those easy wins that fit her natural strengths. Those little victories gave the student a sense of accomplishment that powered her through the harder work, too.

#2: Get up and move!

Cold winter weather can make it difficult to get outside and stay active. As a result, kids can get cabin fever. The restlessness then makes it harder for them to focus. When this happens, look for ways to encourage your child to get up and move while they study!

If you’re quizzing your child on spelling words, let them move around the room, wiggle, and stretch as they spell each word. If your child is studying for a test, put post-it notes on the wall, and let them move the notes around as they ask and answer questions. (Added Bonus: This allows them to see and make connections to the material in a new way, too!)

#3: Switch it up.

If one subject or assignment has your child moaning and complaining, don’t feel the need to force the issue. Sometimes, a simple switch in focus is all it takes to get them back on track.

Encourage your child to transition to a new assignment, ideally one where they feel more confident. This can give them the boost they need to return to the more challenging topic later—with renewed confidence!

Bonus Tip: Bring in outside help!

If these tips still aren’t enough to pull your child out of their winter slump, don’t fear! Our tutors are here to help. 

Whether your child can’t seem to get their footing in one particular class or is unorganized and falling behind in this long stretch between breaks, working with a private tutor can make all the difference. 

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