Apr 15

Test Prep Timeline: April 2019

By Ann Dolin | testprep-featured

We’re just about wrapped up on SAT/ACT season for the spring; however, there are still a few final opportunities to register for a second or third test if you’re not happy with your scores. Here’s what’s available: SAT Option 1: May 4,2019 (late registration deadline is April 24th) SAT Option 2: June 1, 2019 (registration […]

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Mar 29

Will letter grades survive?

By Ann Dolin | academic-featured

“The purpose of education is not to sort kids-it’s to grow kids. Teachers need to coach and mentor, but with grades, teachers turn into judges.” That’s a quote from this Edutopia piece, which questions the value of letter grades as we look towards how we might assess students differently in the future. Although it’s unlikely […]

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Mar 15

Is technology really the problem?

By Ann Dolin | Technology

Speaking of technology… When it comes to the academic success and health of our students a lot of blame gets passed around these days to smart phones, social media, and internet usage in general. Some of that blame seems to be well-deserved. For one thing, back in our day, the potential for bullying pretty much […]

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Feb 21

Just for Juniors: An SAT/ACT Tune-Up

By Ann Dolin | Test Prep

Have a Junior that feels “so-so” about their first SAT or ACT performance this spring? Chances are, they’re registered for a second test coming up soon, and now is that critical time in-between tests where they can improve their score before sending in their applications. We’ve put together a short 4-session Test Prep Tune-Up package […]

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