Jul 09

The Summer Anxiety Parents Face

By Ann Dolin | Summer , Uncategorized

When I first started EC Tutoring 20 years ago, homework was normal, expected, and commonplace. Today, after years of pushback and debate, very few elementary schools assign much homework throughout the year. Things have certainly changed. But is that change good? On the plus side, parents are free to let their kids participate in extracurriculars […]

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Jul 01

Important Deadlines for Rising Seniors

By Ann Dolin | College

Does creating a college application timeline for your rising senior make you break into a cold sweat? Let us do it for you! Click here to learn more.   Congratulations on making it through your child’s junior year! Can you believe you now have a rising senior? With college applications on the horizon, you may […]

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May 31

Summer Screen Time Struggles

By Ann Dolin | Summer , Technology

Are you looking for a fun way to keep your kids active, engaged, and off their screens this summer? We can help! Click here to schedule a free consult and learn more about our special summer tutoring experience. Summer sure has changed since you were a kid, hasn’t it? Where your parents had to beg […]

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Apr 15

Test Prep Timeline: April 2019

By Ann Dolin | testprep-featured

We’re just about wrapped up on SAT/ACT season for the spring; however, there are still a few final opportunities to register for a second or third test if you’re not happy with your scores. Here’s what’s available: SAT Option 1: May 4,2019 (late registration deadline is April 24th) SAT Option 2: June 1, 2019 (registration […]

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