Suddenly Homeschooling? We’ve Got You Covered

Put Structure to Unstructured Time 

With Our Online Programs

Your child’s school has canceled in-person classes due to the coronavirus outbreak, and you are worried about an academic free fall and/or a homeschool free-for-all where you end up playing the homework police all day, every day — while also working from home. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

We’ll put structure to unstructured time with our online support programs using video conferencing, document sharing and white board solutions to make learning fun. Our credentialed instructors are experts in their field (75% have master’s degrees), but more importantly, they have a knack for motivating kids to stay focused and engaged. 

Our three options of online support, no matter where you live, at anytime of the day:

  • The Comprehensive Solution: Our expert learning coaches will take care of all the details of homeschooling, engaging and motivating your child to master material and get it done without your involvement. Whether there are school-issued assignments, optional and ungraded work, or nothing at all, we’ll create, oversee, and teach your child.  Two hours a day, M-F of online support with a credentialed tutor. $600/10 hours per week, billed weekly
  • The Daily Dose: Our one-hour-a-day solution for structuring your child’s day. Perfect for the student who benefits from a clear plan, structure and accountability. Feel free to carve this five hour weekly plan into four days or even three. The hours are your weekly hours to use as you wish. $350/5 hours per week, billed weekly

With both the Comprehensive Solution and Daily Dose, you’ll get three important things: a daily schedule, weekly objectives, and a daily ‘to-do’ list, all created with your child based on what needs to be accomplished academically.

  • The Six-Hour Solution: Looking for content support for a specific subject or help with organization and staying on track?  Our Six-Hour solution provides six hours of online time to be used as needed.  Two 45 minute sessions per week?  Three 30 minute sessions?  it’s up to you.  This is a great option if your child needs help staying on track and moving forward with academics during this uncertain time. $540 elementary and middle school $600 high school, use at anytime

Schedule a Consult

Unsure of the best option for your student? We’ll talk through the options with you and give you our honest appraisal and our recommendation for the perfect learning coach.

Looking for some immediate resources? Check out our "Homeschooling During COVID-19: 7 Stress-free Ways to Keep Your Child On Track" E-book here.