Tutoring Jobs in Fairfax VA: Become An EC Tutor Today

If you’re looking for a flexible side income doing meaningful work, part-time tutoring is one of the best ways to make that happen using the skills you already have.

But, it can be difficult to find good tutoring jobs in Fairfax VA, especially if you’re just getting started.

  • Maybe you’re already a top-notch educator, but are overwhelmed by the idea of finding clients and marketing yourself.
  • Maybe you have a knack for teaching and are a math whiz, a master writer, or aced your SATs, but you don’t know the first thing about rates, contracts, or referrals.
  • Or maybe you’re a professional who’s passionate about working with kids, but you just simply don’t have the time to go out and find the work yourself.

Either way, at Educational Connections you’ll enjoy the convenience of being able to make your own hours, earn competitive pay, and tutor students who are ready to succeed.

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All while we handle the tough stuff: securing you clients, billing them directly, and allowing you to focus on teaching!

So if you:

  • check
    Have a Bachelor’s degree
  • check
    Have either classroom teaching or previous tutoring experience
  • check
    Have access to a car to travel to and from sessions
  • check
    Are enthusiastic, engaging, and encouraging
  • check
    Can make a commitment to tutor at least 4 hours per week through June 2019

And are ready to start tutoring, click the button below to apply today and start making a difference in the lives of students who need your help!

Tutoring Jobs in Fairfax VA:
A Consistent Supply of Work

As a tutor with us, you’ll receive a daily email from us with a consistent flow of new tutoring opportunities: students and parents who are ready to start working with you as soon as you’re available.

In fact, our Placement Managers will even work with you directly to find students who match your subject experience and teaching style.

We’re always looking for high quality tutors in all K-12 subjects, SAT/ACT Test Prep and Educational Coaching. So whether it’s Algebra 2, Spanish, SAT prep, or time management coaching, we match tutors every day with children and their parents who need their help.

Ann Was A Fairfax Tutor Too!

Our Founder and President Ann started right where you are now, tutoring just a few students after school, right here in Fairfax.

Here’s the bottom line: our tutors are the face of our business.

And because our tutors are the most essential component to our continued success, we’re committed to finding, hiring, and supporting the best individuals we can.

So if you’re considering tutoring, and you meet the qualifications listed above, please don’t hesitate to apply. We’d love to speak with you!

Hear What Our Tutors Have To Say

"I have been a tutor at 5 different companies and universities, as well as tutored privately, and I was so fed up by the lack of consistency and resources that I had almost given up on tutoring. But when I found Educational Connections, I once again fell in love with tutoring! The staff are professional and treat their tutors right by giving them training, supplies, and support throughout the hiring and student placement process. Once you get placed with a student, you have the freedom to run sessions how you like, but you can always reach out to the company to get advice along the way. It’s a huge bonus that this company is located in the DC metro area—I’ve made some contacts at local schools from my tutoring experience, which has only led to more room for advancement in the education field."

Christine Rosenfeld  //  EC Tutor

"I have been working with Educational Connections for a year and a half, and I absolutely love this tutoring and coaching business. I'm a retired teacher with Fairfax County Public Schools, where I taught special education and English (I have a PhD in English and am certified to teach Special Education K-12). I tutor approximately ten students per week, on average, and really enjoy the relationships I am able to build with them and their families. I work with students of all ages. With Educational Connections, I am part of a very professional business. I have worked for a different tutoring company, and Educational Connections is head and shoulders above this other business. Educational Connections treats its employees with respect. When I call or email, I am given a prompt, courteous, and helpful reply. I have been praised and acknowledged for good work. My salary is more than three times what I made at the previous company. I also applaud Educational Connections for its commitment to its tutors' professional development. It offers training on a regular basis (which counts for certification points, if you are still teaching and need them). I have attended as many workshops as possible and have been very pleased with the quality of both the trainers and material. I love being an Educational Connections tutor/educational coach and intend to be one as long as I can."

Allyson McGill  //  EC Tutor

"Working as a tutor with Educational Connections over the past two years has been an exceptional experience for me for multiple reasons, especially in regard to making a positive influence in the academic growth of students while also strengthening my skills as an educator. As a classroom teacher for twelve years and witnessing the many different learning styles, I have seen first hand how one-on-one time with students can greatly improve the academic growth of those who struggle in the classroom. Educational Connections provides a unique opportunity for educators to be specifically placed with families who are requesting particular background knowledge in order to produce the most positive learning experience possible. Educational Connections also allows tutors to work with students in their own homes where they complete their homework and feel most comfortable. This element provides an effective setting for students and families requesting extra assistance. I strongly believe the life-long relationships developed with my families I have tutored over the past two years are a direct result of the care and consideration that has been taken during the placement process at Educational Connections. The combination of connecting the most capable tutors with students to reach their greatest learning potential and building relationships in a comfortable setting is what makes Educational Connections the best quality tutoring company in the DC-Metro area."

L. Rowe //  EC Tutor

Do Amazing Work
Get Paid Accordingly

We work hard to match high-quality clients with high-quality tutors, so as a tutor with us, you’ll receive competitive pay with annual opportunities to earn more money.

Plus, as a part-time employee of Educational Connections we’ll pay a portion of your payroll taxes! We secure clients and bill them directly, allowing you to focus on on the work. Just show up and teach to the best of your ability.

Your Schedule Is
Yours To Make

Maybe you play in a softball league on Tuesdays, need to take your kids to soccer practice on Wednesday, or work during the week and can only tutor on weekends.

Whatever it is, you’ll still be able to make it work with Educational Connections.

Meet the minimum 4 hours per week commitment, and you’ll have the full flexibility to choose which clients you work with, and create your own schedule.

We Invest In Your Development

Because we know that if you succeed, we succeed, we have an entire team dedicated towards your success and development as a tutor.

We’ll provide you with support to find the work you need, make your sessions more rewarding for your students, and improve as a tutor.

We offer hands-on professional development workshops with teacher recertification points, as well as online subscriptions and resources.

Your Success As A Tutor Matters

Each and every parent and child we serve relies on people like you to help them be successful. So with us, you’re not just another “cog in the wheel.” You’ll see a direct impact on your students’ success, just like these tutors have:

"My daughter has always struggled with math and was found to have dyscalculia a year ago. She attends an academically rigorous school and her self confidence had been plummeting. Once she started working with Judy however, things quickly changed. Judy is warm and kind, but firm, and stays on task for the whole session. I overhear her praise and encourage my daughter appropriately, yet also persisting with difficult concepts. Judy communicated regularly with my daughter's math teacher at school, resulting in my daughter always being prepared for homework, tests, quizzes and exams. Her grade shot up and now vacillates between A and B. Judy is a gem – we are very lucky to have been introduced to her."

Shirley  //  EC Parent, Bethesda

"Jon was amazing. He was patient, kind and knowledgeable. He helped reduce my daughters stress surrounding the test and gave her the confidence to succeed."

Kathy  //  EC Parent, Arlington

"I have nothing but the highest praise for Ms. Hirsch! She was an outstanding tutor – not only was she kind, patient and encouraging with my daughter, but she went out of her way to accommodate our schedule and meet with [my daughter] before her test dates. She would ask to see the calendar of homework and tests so that she could prepare ahead of time and be ready for any questions. Ms. Hirsch was on time, worked overtime, and generally put in an abundance of care and energy into her work with my daughter. As a result of her help, Abi went from a C average in the middle of 7th grade to a final grade of an A in math at the end of 8th grade! What an accomplishment!"

Christine //  EC Parent, McLean